We just created this site because we got bored after playing a lot of Valorant with our own crosshairs we were used to. We wanted to have access to many crosshairs we didn't even know before. Because we knew that even esport or fun crosshairs are usually wanted in the community of Valorant, we thought we could offer a website that shows crosshairs in these categories.

Main Page

The main page contains all of our crosshairs. You can search for crosshairs at the top, or filter by categories like "Fun" or "Teams".
Click on a crosshair of your choice and you will see different backgrounds, as well as a "Copy Code" button and "Edit Crosshair".

Generator Preview

Our crosshair preview features different backgrounds. It also renders the crosshair exactly like ingame.
When you import a crosshair, you may find that the editor in Valorant doesn't show the crosshair like it looks ingame.
This is a bug in Valorant's editor.

Generator Settings

The crosshair generator is a big part of our website. If you ever wanted to have a look at a crosshair with different backgrounds and with an exact preview of what it would look like ingame, welcome!
We even have the option to create random crosshairs. After creating your own crosshair with our generator you can simply copy the code and paste it into your Valorant crosshair profiles.


Contact: contact [at] vcrdb.net